nguyễn trinh thi

video and moving image works

I Died for Beauty (2012)

Short: Combining corporate footage of a factory opening event in Asia with classical Western opera music, the filmmaker ponders upon the subject of beauty.

Long: Set in a factory in Asia during an undefined celebration event, Europeans in suits are seen in long wandering shots as they greet one another, shake hands discretely, and look about them expectantly. Further into this ambiguous opening, and propelled by classical Western opera and symphonic orchestrations, Asian workers are observed putting finishing touches of paint and polish onto gleaming surfaces of what will soon be on display in motorbike showrooms. The images and music are sharply punctuated by the abrupt and raw intrusions of live factory sounds that conclude in a jarring visual exclamation, exhuming the verses of an Emily Dickinson poem and laying them out in a contemporary and globalized context.

Single-channel video, 8:23, HD, color, sound

Move on Asia: Video Art in Asia 2002 to 2012, ZKM Karsruhe, Germany


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