nguyễn trinh thi

video and moving image works

SOLO for a CHOIR (video installation, 2013)

Artist statement: “Artists as exhibits.”

SOLO for a CHOIR is a sequel to UNSUBTITLED and Que Faire. 

Video and sound installation, various screens, multiple loops, color

Cinematography: Jamie Maxtone-Graham

April, 2013 at Goethe Institut Hanoi

Statement for the series including Unsubtitled, Que Faire, and SOLO for a CHOIR:

“In this series, I explore possibilities for combining video installation with performance art, and for possibilities of preserving differences of individuals while creating a sense of collective experience.

 Thematically, I continue to study the issues and reflect on the history and development of the role and position of the artist in the Vietnamese society. These issues relate to Vietnam’s problems concerning censorship and artist freedom expression. This personal interest also had led me to work on a long-term film project about Nhan Van-Giai Pham – the suppressed literary movement of the 1950s and the only instance of widespread intellectual dissidence ever to occur in North Vietnam – and its legacy of dissent in Vietnamese art over the past five decades.”

See video of the installation: 


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