nguyễn trinh thi

video and moving image works

How to Improve the World (2021)

single-channel video, color and B&W, sound, 47 minutes three-channel video, color and B&W, loop, 47 minutes Set in the Central Highlands of Vietnam where a large concentration of groups of indigenous … Continue reading

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Fifth Cinema (2018)

single-channel video, color and B&W, sound, 56 minutes With text by Barry Barclay (“Celebrating the Fourth Cinema”, 2003) Fifth Cinema begins with a quiet statement “I am a filmmaker, as … Continue reading

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Everyday’s the Seventies (2018)

Three-Channel Video, Four-Channel Sound, 15 minutes  Different versions of the same history – one personal, another depicted by cinema, the third described by the media – are laid on top … Continue reading

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Eleven Men (2016)

single-channel installation, sound, 28 minutes “Eleven Men” is composed of scenes from a range of Vietnamese classic narrative films featuring the same central actress, Nhu Quynh. Spanning three decades of … Continue reading

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I Died for Beauty (2012)

Short: Combining corporate footage of a factory opening event in Asia with classical Western opera music, the filmmaker ponders upon the subject of beauty. Long: Set in a factory in … Continue reading

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Letters from Panduranga (2015)

Single-channel video, color and b&w, sound, 35:00 The essay film, made in the form of a letter exchange between a man and a woman, was inspired by the fact that … Continue reading

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Vietnam the Movie (2015)

Single channel video, 47 min, color and B&W, sound Vietnam the Movie uses a carefully structured montage of clips from drama and documentary films to give a chronological account of … Continue reading

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SOLO for a CHOIR (video installation, 2013)

Artist statement: “Artists as exhibits.” SOLO for a CHOIR is a sequel to UNSUBTITLED and Que Faire.  Video and sound installation, various screens, multiple loops, color Cinematography: Jamie Maxtone-Graham April, 2013 at Goethe … Continue reading

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Que Faire (video installation)

Artist statement: “Undressing as an act of thinking.” Que Faire is a sequel to UNSUBTITLED.  Various video installation formats, various loops, color, sound  Cinematography: Jamie Maxtone-Graham Statement for the series including … Continue reading

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UNSUBTITLED (video installation, 2010)

Artist statement: “Eating needs no explanation.” Video installation, 10 projectors, 10 media file players, 19 wooden cut-out screens, various loops, color, sound  Cinematography: Jamie Maxtone-Graham Statement for the series including Unsubtitled, … Continue reading

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